Coup de Mortier Éclairant TH-MB-12 de 120 mm de Mortiers à
Canons Lisses de 120 mm Modèles 1938; 1943, 2B11 “SANI”,
2S12 “SANI” et V-24

Caliber (mm): 120
Mortar bomb type: ILL
Maximum Effective Range, /1+5/(m): 6 000
Minimum Effective Range, /1+1/(m): 400
Length with fuze, (mm): 670
Weight (with fuze, w/out increments), (kg): 10,7
Propulsion system: Ignition cartridge ÷ 5 Increments
Illuminating intensity, (can): Min.1 000 000
Illuminating burn time, (s): Min. 60
Stabilized descent speed, (m/s): 3.0
Max mean operating pressure in mortar (bars): 620
Fuze type (pyrotechnic time): TP M67 (or suitable)
Operational temperature range, ( °C): from minus 40 to + 60
Shelf life (if stored in standard packing of the producer in storehouse conditions), years: 10