125 mm Round VOF22 with High Explosive Fragmentation Fin
Stabilized Projectile OF19 (HE/FRAG-FS) For 125 mm tank gun 2A46/D81

Main parameters of round:
Caliber (mm): 125
Projectile type: HE/FRAG-FS
Length of cartridge case with charge, (mm): 408
Weight of cartridge case with charge, (kg): 9.5
Max. range of fire, (m): 10 000

Main parameters of projectile
Length, (mm): 615
Weight, (kg): 19.4
Charge type: TNT
Weight of bursting charge, (kg): 3.15
Type of body materiel : Steel

Fuze parameters
Type: V-429E (or suitable)
Basic characteristics: mechanical, nose, PD with selectable SQ or delayed action
Primer Type: GUV-7 (or suitable)
Average muzzle velocity (m/s): 850
Max. pressure (MPa): 350

Type: Wooden Box
Quantity of each wooden box: 1 round
Dimension, (mm): 816 x 541 x 272
Volume, (m3): 0.12
Gross weight, (kg): 60
Operational temperature range (° C): – 40 ÷ 60
Loading: Separate
Shelf life (if stored in standard packing of the producer in storehouse conditions), years: 10
Suitable weapons: 125 mm tank T-72
Class of explosion hazard: UN 0321, 1.2E

Note: The manufacturer can change the packing