60 mm Thermobaric Mortar Bomb (TB) For 60 mm Smooth-bore Mortars M2,
M19, M224, Hirtenberger “Commando”, Hirtenberger M6-111 and M6-211

Caliber (mm): 60
Mortar bomb type: Thermobaric
Maximum Effective Range, (m): 3 130
Length of mortar bomb, (mm): 470
Weight of mortar bomb, (kg): 1.7
Material of body: Cast iron
Range dispersion from mean impact Bd, (m): 31
Lateral dispersion from mean impact Bc, (m): 28
Number of charges: Up to 4 Increment charges
Average muzzle velocity, (m/s): 222
Max. average pressure, Pmaxaver, (kgf/cm2): 470
Fuze type : AF610 (or suitable)
Operational temperature range, ( °C): from minus 50 to + 60
Shelf life (if stored in standard packing of the producer in storehouse conditions), years: 10

11 (eleven) mortar bombs: each one packed in container
Totally: 11 (eleven) mortar bombs in 1 (one) wooden case

Wooden case dimensions:
Overall, (mm): 599 x 325 x 261
Gross weight, (kg): 32
Case volume, (m3): 0.051
* Fuzes and increment charges packed separately
Class of explosion hazard: UN 0321, 1.2E

Note: The manufacturer can change the packing