122 mm Round with Reduced Variable Charge and
Jammer-carrying Projectile Starshel for 122 mm howitzers D-30, 2S1

Main parameters of round
Caliber (mm): 122
Projectile type: Jammer carrying
Max. range of jammer delivery (m): 12 800
Length of projectile (mm): Approximately 558
Body type of projectile: Steel
Driving band: Copper

Main parameters of cartridge case
Length (mm): 447
Weight (kg): 4.6
Type of composition: Steel/Brass

Fuse parameters
Type: Proximity DZV-90 (or suitable)
Setting way: Mechanical
Time delay (s): 2 ÷ 90

Type: KV-U, KV-4 (or suitable)
Max. Muzzle velocity (m/s): 565
Max. Chamber pressure (kgf/cm2): 2 500

Main parameters of jammer
Weight of Jammer (kg): Approximately 3.6
Distance of detachment above the target (m)
– maximum: 800
– minimum: 1 500
Frequency range (MHz): 20 ÷ 100
Operation range (m): Not less than 700
Time of continuous transmission (min): Not less than 60

Type: Wooden Box
Quantity of each wooden box: 2 rounds
Dimension (mm): 230 x 435 x 1 200
Volume (m3): 0.120
Gross weight (kg): 80

Operational temperature range(° C): – 40 ÷ + 60
Loading: Separate
Suitable weapons: 122 mm howitzers D-30 and 2S1